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The NPI is heavily dependent on people to assist us, and you can get involved in a number of ways.

1) Spread the word - Let other people know that we exist, what our aims are, and what we're up to. Share with your friends and post on forums and social media, especially any pet focussed groups.

2) Become a supporter - We will be publishing a regular digital newsletter reporting on our activity and including some useful tips and interesting stories. This isn't ready yet, but once it is we will be accepting donations in return for joining the mailing list. The money will go towards the costs of running our events.

3) Volunteer for events - We need volunteers to propose, organise, and run events across the country. The NPI will provide the resources required (display boards, posters, handouts, etc.) and guidance, but the main events take a lot of planning and manpower so we will be reliant on keen animal lovers in the local area to give their time.

4) Join a development team - If you have experience with one of the pet species that we aim to cover, have some time to spare, and your ethics match ours, then we would like to hear from you. We still have a lot of resources to develop, and can't begin to run events dedicated to all our species until we have the corresponding care advice ready, along with an appropriate event format.

5) Help out on the committee - Once you've been involved in the NPI and have experience of our organisation, you may like to put yourself forward to serve on the committee as a volunteer. We have a number of roles which will expand as the number of NPI events increases, and vacancies will be announced as they arise.

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